2015 LEU reception flyer

Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA), Chapter #9, Washington DC

Welcomes Law Enforcement United Riders at Regional Food and Drink (RFD) – 810 7th Street, NW, Washington, DC

Chapter 9 is pleased to announce we will be hosting an event next Tuesday, during National Police Week. 

     This event will begin at 6 pm on Tuesday, May 12, 2015.  The location will be our regular venue, RFD.  However, for this event we will be in the main restaurant and bar area of RFD.  Please enter the event through RFD’s main doors, which are off of 7th Street NW.

     Please note:  RFD will have a different party going on in the back bar (where we normally hold Chapter 9 events), so please do not try to enter RFD through the back doors, off of 8th Street NW.

     Chapter 9 will be providing a limited menu of food and drinks for this event.

     This will be our annual reception for the members of Law Enforcement United (LEU), a group of law enforcement personnel from locations across the country who conducts fund raising for The Road to Hope, Concerns of Police Survivors, and the Officer Down Memorial Page.  Each year LEU’s different Chapters hold group bicycle rides into Washington DC during Police Week, to honor our fallen brothers and sisters in blue.  They will arrive on Tuesday afternoon and this event is a reception to show our appreciation for the selfless work they do.  FLEOA members are welcome to attend, as well as LEU members.

     If you are interested in learning more about LEU, you can visit their website at:  www.LawEnforcementUnited.org.

     If you have not been to RFD before, you can also visit their website at:  www.LoveTheBeer.com.

     For any other questions about this event you can contact the Chapter 9 Officers at:  Chapter9@FLEOA.org.  We hope to see you there.  





Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA), Chapter 9 – Washington DC

Chapter 9 is the largest FLEOA chapter in the US, with over 2300 members. FLEOA is the largest nonpartisan, professional association, representing exclusively federal law enforcement officers. FLEOA represents over 26,000 federal agents from over 65 different federal law enforcement agencies. FLEOA is a member of the National Law Enforcement Steering Committee and the Executive Board of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.

FLEOA, founded in 1977, is a volunteer organization. Born out of necessity by a group of concerned agents from Customs, IRS-CI, TIGTA, FBI and INS, FLEOA’s primary tenant was, and still is, legal assistance and representation are only a phone call away.

FLEOA also provides a legislative voice for the federal law enforcement community. FLEOA works hard for the passage of legislation that benefits federal law enforcement officers. FLEOA’s legislative activity has been instrumental in increasing the death benefits for federal law enforcement officers; increasing premium pay for 1811s to 25% of a criminal investigators actual grade; passage of Law Enforcement Availability Pay (LEAP) in 1994; extending LEAP for Special Agents of the Bureau of Diplomatic Security in 1998; passage of the Degan Bill, which provides scholarships for spouses and children of those killed in the line of duty; passage of the Federal LEO Good Samaritan Act; and passage of the Congressional Medal of Honor for Law Enforcement.

Currently FLEOA’s legislative activity is focused on: law enforcement disability legislation; retirees’ carry authority; amending the Good Samaritan Act to include criminal liability coverage for law enforcement; the creation of a voluntary sick leave bank; authorization for LEOSA qualified active and retired officers to fly armed; allow retiring federal officers to apply their “max-out” LEAP towards their retirement annuity; and oppose legislation that seeks to misinterpret the ECPA and raise the standard for law enforcement to obtain pen registers.

FLEOA’s National Officers are all active duty federal agents. FLEOA business is conducted during off duty hours or in a leave status. The officers volunteer their valuable free time to further the goals of FLEOA and the federal law enforcement community.