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Dan Jamison – 2018

Retirement Training

Sponsored by FLEOA

FLEOA Chapter 9 is proud to again host a full day of retirement training provided by Mr. Dan Jamison, author of the FERSguide.  This event will be on Wednesday, 17 October 2018 from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.   Due to the high quality of the training Mr. Jamison provides, this has quickly become one of our most anticipated events each year.
Who can attend
This training is intended for current FLEOA members, as we have a limited number of seats available due to the size of the auditorium.
Mr. Jamison said his presentation will be geared more towards late career folks, but that active law enforcement personnel at any point in their career would certainly benefit from this training.
In past years we have had some of our retired members ask about attending.  Mr. Jamison stated only about 10-20% of the information in his presentation could possibly be applicable to people who have already retired.  Our retired members are welcome to attend, just please realize the large majority of the information will not be applicable to your current situation.
To register to attend
Seating is limited, so you need to RSVP ASAP!  To RSVP, email the following information to Chapter9@FLEOA.org:
– Your full name (as you have it listed with FLEOA)
– Your FLEOA member number
– Your agency
NOTE:  You may send in one email to RSVP for multiple people, however you must provide all the above information for each attendee.

If you are a USPP member

USPP personnel must sign up through your training division, so that they can track their attendees.  USPP members, please DO NOT RSVP through the Chapter.  Your USPP POC is Lieutenant Allan Stone, Force Training Officer.

The training will be 8 hours long (with a 30 minute lunch break), from 8 am to 4:30 pm, on 18 October 2016.
Please arrive between 7:30-7:50 so we can check for your name on our RSVP list.  We want to be able to start promptly at 8 am and we don’t want anyone to interrupt or miss out on any of this important training by arriving late, so please arrive before 7:50, at the latest.
We will have coffee available for those who show up before 7:50, after you have checked in!
Lunch, snacks & drinks
There will be a short break for lunch.  Since there are no restaurants close by, Chapter 9 will provide a light lunch, so that we can keep the lunch break to a minimum and give you as much training time as possible.
We are still working out the details of what food and from where, we will provide.  You are welcome to bring your own food for your lunch, however there will not be any place for you to store food in a refrigerator or freezer until our break.  If your lunch needs to be kept cool, we suggest you bring an insulated lunch container, or small cooler.
No food or drinks are allowed in the auditorium where we will hold the training.  You may bring drinks and snacks with you for breaks, however they must be left in the adjacent classroom where we’ll be serving lunch.
Training Location
Our training will be held at:
US Park Police
1901 Anacostia Drive
Washington, D.C. 20020
NOTE:  Our Park Police hosts have advised us that people often get mis-routed by certain mapping systems because “1901 Anacostia Drive” used to be another location, which was at a different point down the road.  We have attached a screenshot to show you the correct location of the retirement training, and the old location (for your reference in case you are using one of the effected mapping systems).
There is plenty of free parking available at this location.  Our hosts have asked that everyone please park against the wall that runs parallel to the road.  Please do not park in their two parking lots, as we do not want to interrupt USPP operations.

Training purpose

Many of our agencies used to provide retirement training, but no longer do so for a variety of reasons.  Our intent is to try and help our members fill this void, by hosting this training.  We hope that your supervisors/agencies will support this effort by allowing interested members to be approved for this to be their place of duty for the day, be approved for administrative leave, or be approved for whatever mechanism your agency prefers, in order to attend this training without having to use a day of annual leave.
There is no guarantee that your agency will approve you for any of these, however if you don’t request it, there is 0% chance you’ll receive it!  Even if you do have to use a day of your annual leave, this training will be well worth your time.
Topics that will be covered
– FERS (all aspects imaginable, down to recent legislative changes)
– Survivor Annuity
– Special Retirement Supplement
– TSP contributions
– TSP withdrawals
– Tax consequences
– Roth TSP pitfalls
– OPM Policies and Procedures
– FEHB Requirements
– Effect of Divorce on FERS and TSP
– Social Security
– Medicare
– Deciding to Retire
– Retiring Earlier than Expected
– Disability Retirement
Training presenter
Dan Jamison is a FLEOA member, and a retired FBI agent.  His presentation specializes in the unique aspects of federal law enforcement retirement.  Even if you aren’t familiar with his name, you’re probably familiar with his work, as he is the creator of the FERSguide.  Dan updates and disseminates updated versions of the FERSguide, each time there are any changes which affect our benefits.  If you’re not on his direct mailing list, you may have seen his guide at some point, as his guide is well known throughout federal law enforcement circles.  Not only is Dan highly knowledgeable in terms of federal law enforcement retirement, but he’s also one of us, making him an ideal trainer for us.  For more information on Dan, please see his attached resume.
Please RSVP as soon as you can and we look forward to seeing you on the 18th!


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